Friday, August 5, 2011


This is my cutie dog Angel! she is 4 years old, and I love her. We had a old dog named mugsy and she lived until 10. Mugsy was a shih tzu and died from cancer. My family had Mugsy even before I was born. Mugsy died when I was 7 years old, and now I'm 11. I remember when My mom told me that Mugsy had died, she sat me down on the bench in front of my school, and told me that Mugsy had died. At first I did not believe her, but she was right, Mugsy had died. My dad was away when this happened, he was on a business trip. We went home to our house, in the car me and my mom were just crying. We were so sad. When we got home my mom showed me pictures of puppies on a website of a pet store. My mom asked me if I wanted to go get one, I said yes, but I was still sad about Mugsy. In the pet shop we spent hours looking at all the cute dogs. At first I was afraid to put my hand into the pen. I still remember sticking my had into Angel's pen, and how she licked me. Now when we look back to that moment my mom tells me "as soon as I saw Angel I knew she would be the one." As we drove home from the pet store with our new dog Angel we spent the time thinking of names for her. We were just listing out name by name. Then my mom looks into the back seat and says "look at that angel face"
I replied "that's it mommy, that's her name, Angel." And until that moment her name was Angel. Today I took this picture of Angel, she's on her back on my new pillow, and she has my favorite blanket on top of her. I love Angel and Mugsy!

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