Sunday, August 21, 2011

Organizing Your Desk

Hello! A lot of us have messy desks. So today I'm writing about how to clear of your messy desk and make it organized. Now, a lot of you are probably thinking why do I want to clean my desk? And the answer to that is, you want to clean your desk so then you have a clean spot to work. And if your desk is clean it's way easier to use.
What you'll need for this project is yourself, and a messy desk.
1. Ok, so the first thing you need to do is take everything off your desk.
2. Once everything is off your desk, look at the things that you had on your desk. If they are old papers you don't need anymore, recycle them! And if there is something you don't want or need anymore, you don't have to keep it, give it away or donate it. Try to get as much off your desk as possible, so that you have room to use your desk.
3. Now before you put the things back onto your desk, clean off the desk. It's good to have a clean working environment.
4. Now, you get to put everything back on your desk. But remember you need a good space to work, so arrange your things in a way that gives you lots of room. Make sure the things you use a lot are in a quick access spot, so you can get them easily. I know that I have trouble keeping all of my little things that I make, or things I like around on my desk. So if you have this problem, just pick one or two things out that you like. Just because your desk is neat, douse not mean that you can't have anything on your desk, Just have out some things that you like, and some things you need. And make sure that your desk has some of your style in it, to show your personality!

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