Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There's A Mouse In My House

Everyone there is a mouse in my house! Yesterday, me and my mom went to "Ace Hardware" to get a mouse trap. I wanted to get the one that looked like a small black mail box, so that when we catch it I can see it alive. But it turns out that small, black mailbox looking case kills the mice, when they walk into the mailbox thing they get electrocuted. once I found out that they get electrocuted, I did not want that mouse trap anymore! We finally decided on a mouse trap that has peanuts stuck to a very sticky tray, and when the mouse goes to get the peanuts, they get stuck on the tray. And, they don't die! Since mice come out mostly at night time, we had to wait, because they were asleep. Soon it was time to go to sleep. So I went to bed thinking happy thoughts, but then I started to think about the spider that was it my room that morning and the mouse. Then, once I was asleep, I had a bad dream that there was a mouse in our house the size of a mole (the animal) and it went for the sticky trap, but because it was so big, it did not stick! So then it started to jump up at me! And all my mom did was walk away! "What if the mouse has rabies!" I yelled. And she did nothing. Then the mouse was my pet, but I was still scared of it. It was such a weird dream! (Now I'm done telling about my dream) And then when all of my family was awake, my mom went to check the traps . . . And one of the traps was gone! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Somewhere in my house or garage there is a mouse with a trap stuck to it, and I don't know where is is. So this morning me and my mom went to get another trap, but I don't know what type of trap this new one is. I hope none of you have a mouse in your house like me (unless you want a mouse in your house.)

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