Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm going to share with you my back-to-school-supplies.
I got:
2 pretty binders
2 packs of dividers
2 pretty composition books
3 pretty spiral notebooks
7 pretty folders
100 sheets of graph paper
300 sheets of notepaper
blue protractor with compass (we did not need the compass)
5 different colored sharpie highlighters that is no smear
green pencil sharpener
24 pack of colored pencils
Elmer's glue sticks
post-it note cubes
18 #2 pencils
4 mechanical pencils
pretty 7-inch scissors
mini stapler
pink staples
12 ball point blue ink pens
12 ball point black in pens
12 ball point red ink pens
pink medal ruler
post-it sticky notes with a duck on it
purple magnetic clip calculator
180 sheets of ruled index cards
3 erasers
five star pencil box
pink one strap backpack

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