Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feathers In Hair

Hey everyone! I'm going to talk about feathers in hair. As you see to the right, there is a picture of me. In this picture, I have two feathers in my hair. They are so in right now! I just got these two new feathers yesterday I used to have a bright green one and a bright orange one. But since I'v been in the pool so much this summer, the chlorine wore out my feather colors. So I got two new ones yesterday. A purple one, and a yellow one that has brown stripes. Some of my friends have a lot of feathers spread all through out their hair. It looks pretty cool! The lady at the salon told me, a lot of people are wearing a thick, fluffy feather, with a thin feather. But I wanted these two feathers. To get a feather(s) you can either buy clip-in ones, or go to a salon and see in they have feathers like mine, that stay in for a while and you don't use clips to put them in your hair. It's more like a hair extension, but it's a feather. I hope my feather looks this good when I start school!

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