Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I just started my back-to-school-clothes shopping! and I got 4 shirts from Delia's. I bought them on the computer, so they are not at my house yet. But when they come, I'll post pictures. I got a yellow shirt that is called "heart maze tee." Then I got a blue shirt called "fryday tee", it has a pack of french fries and it says "it's fryday fryday gotta get down on fryday" from the song "friday" sang by Rebecca Black. My other shirt is blue and it had a picture of Hello Kitty with nerd glasses on and under Hello Kitty it says "adorbs" the name of this tank top is "Hello Kitty Adorbs tank." The last shirt I bought is AWESOME! It is black with a lot of color on it, the shirt has a picture of a dinosaur with sun glasses on and it says "there, there... it's ok not everyone can be Awesome," and the name of this tee is "dino awesome tee." Don't worry I'll post the pictures of my new shirts as soon as they arrive, remember you can get these shirts at Delia's. :)

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