Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Middle School

Today was my second day of middle school! Yesterday, was a short day, and there was only sixth graders. But today was different, today there was sixth graders, eight graders, and seventh graders as well. Let me just say, I thought that the eighth graders were big, and a little bit scary. But I probably won't feel that way for long. One day I'll be the big bad eighth grader on campus. I noticed some interesting new trends for our age, everyone was wearing feathers. Big feathers, little feathers, colored feathers, plain feathers. I was wearing a white, lace skirt (by the way lace is in this year) and I saw someone else wearing the exact same skirt as me. Although, she was wearing the same skirt as me, she wore it in a totally different way that looked cute also. I wore it with more of a preppy look while she had more of a pulled together lace look. Another trend I noticed is Tom's (Tom's are shoes). People had them in all sorts of colors and textures. Don't be surprised if you see people wearing the same shoes as you, they are very popular and match any outfit you desire. I'm loving middle school so far!

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