Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Sixth Grade Orientation Was Today

Today was my sixth grade orientation! Last night I picked out my outfit for today, and I picked out one of my favorite skirts. It's purple with white polka dots and it has two pockets. And my shirt, my aunt got me. It's gray, and it says "be nerdy" in the periodic table. And I have a green bow in my hair (I love to wear bows in my hair!) And I wore sneakers too. I went to the orientation with my two good friends. And when we got there I saw a bunch of my friends, and a lot of new faces too! Then we got split into groups with two eighth grade girls who where going to show us around my middle school. We first went to a class room and got into a circle. We went around the circle a few times and said our names. Then we switched up the game. Now we had to say our name, and the person to our right's name. Once we did that a few times, one of the eighth graders, changed it some more. Now you have to say your name, and the person to your right's name and if she yells "stop" you have to say your name, the person to the right's name, and the person to your left's name. And if she yells "switch" then everyone has to move places, next to new people. And if she yells "mash" you have to say your name, and everyone else's name. After we did name games we did sort of "getting to know you" games where you pick a number, and that number has a question, so once you pick a number you get a question. And we filled out work sheets ( it was not school work.) After all of that we had a snack, and we got a tour of the middle school. And we had lots of talks in the gym. So my day was pretty fun. I'm happy I went to my sixth grade orientation, but I don't feel like I really needed to go. I'm so excited for sixth grade!

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