Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My New Outfit (For The First Day Of School)

Today, me and my mom went shopping for my "first day of school outfit." We went to Abercrombie and I got an outfit that I just love! And the best part is that I picked it out. I got a white, lace skirt, and I think that's my favorite thing I got. I got a pink shirt (I look good in pink) that has white, pink, and navy colored hair bows. I got that shirt because I think that it's my style, and I always wear bows in my hair! And I'm wearing a navy sweater that has a pretty flower on it. And I got this because I liked it, and because it goes with my new outfit and a lot of my other clothes. My first day of school starts on Monday and I'm so excited! Today I had so much fun shopping with my mom! (The picture of my outfit is to the left).

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  1. Very very nice outfit. I'm sure you'll look great in it.