Sunday, August 14, 2011

My New Vera Bradley Purse

I just got a new Vera Bradley purse! I love it so much. To the right, is what's inside my purse. And to the left is my new purse! What I love about my purse is how much stuff it fits, and You can adjust the straps three different ways. And look at how cute it is! Hanging down on the front of the purse is a vera bradley key chain ball, and on the side I have a blue pen. Inside my purse I carry A note pad, it has a pen attached to it. that has a cute dog on it and under the dog it says, "I have a question . . . When do I get more treats?" I also have what looks like a Vera Bradley coin purse, but I use it for wax (for my braces) and these tooth pick things (also for my braces, and it's for if I have something stuck in my braces.) I have "After Shopping Breath Mints" in a cute, tiny, tin purse. I have Altoid mints, and Extra Dessert Delights Gum that is mint chocolate chip ice cream gum. A coin purse that has different flavored Tick Tacks, banana berry flavored Skittles Lip Smackers. A lipstick case with lipstick in it, a mirror with hairbrush that I got at Sephora. My pretty house key, pink, strawberry scented hands sanitizer. My purse holder that I use to hang my purse on tables when I'm out eating or something. A sharpie pen. And a key chain bubble wrap thing, and Glux.

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