Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yesterday, I found out that my one-strap-backpack was too small! I put all of my things that I'll take to school inside, and when I tried to zipper it up, I could not close the backpack! And a few days before we found out my backpack was too small, we were at Target. (I don't remember why, but we needed something probably). Anyway, me and my mom went over check out the back-to-school-supplies. By the way, it was all messy! And we saw some backpacks, so we spent some time checking out the backpacks. I found this one that I really liked. It was green with yellow, white, blue, and purple flowers on it. I really liked it (and I still do). So when we found out about my one-strap backpack not working, I asked my mom if we could return the one-strap backpack, and get the pretty green one. And she said yes! So today we went over to Target today, and I got to get it! I love it. It's so cool. There's a bunch of pockets on the inside, and some on the outside too. In the front pocket that's where I have some post-it notes. And that's the only thing I have in the outside pockets. The in the second row of pockets, I have some pencils, colored pencils, calculators, And a stapler. On the third pocket (the biggest one), is where I keep my pencil pouch, my folders I keep in a pocket that's meant for a computer, but I don't need a computer, and my folders fit perfectly. I also keep my two binders, spiral not books, and composition books. And to tell you the truth, I like this backpack even more then I like the first one!

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