Monday, August 8, 2011

Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis

This is a book for girls. I'm reading it right now, I'm on chapter three, page 37. I just started it last night! The book is called "Boys Are Dogs" this is the blurb. "When Annabelle returns from summer camp, her life is totally different. She's moving to a new house with her mom's new boyfriend, and that means starting sixth grade at a brand-new school. Brichwood Middle School is very different from her old all-girls elementary-the boys practically run wild in the hallways. And at home, Annabelle's new puppy is taking over the house and chewing on her clothes. But the puppy came with a manual, so Annabelle might be able to get one thing under control. Unless . . . can you train a boy the way you train a dog?" The book is $6.99. Meg Cabot (the author of "Princess Diaries" and "Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls" series.) Said, "fresh, fun, and full of heart, "Boy's Are Dogs" will empower girls while giving them the giggles at the same time." I like to read Meg Cabot books so it's nice to hear that she enjoyed reading this one. I think that the book so far is really good, I like that Annabelle is 11 and going into sixth grade because that's my age and grade, so I feel like I can really relate to this book. Also, in the story Annabelle moved about an hour away from her old house, school, and friends. And I moved all the way across the country! So I just feel like I can really relate to this book. So far I am really enjoying "Boys Are Dogs!"

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  1. I am going to read this book. It sounds like a good story.