Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Flip-Flop-Flop Game

Hello, I'm going to tell you about what me and my friend did today. Today, I had a play date with one of my friends from school, and we came up with this really fun game to play. Ok, for this game you will need: Yourself and flip-flops. Then you come up with a starting point and ending point. After you have come up with the starting point and ending point, you stand at the starting point. Then, you take one foot and flip off you flip-flop. After you have flipped off your flip-flop, you hop with you foot that has the flip-flop on, and go to your other flip-flop, put your bare foot in that flip-flop. And if your bare foot touches the ground, you have to yell "I love Justin Beiber" 10 times! We aren't that crazy about Justin Beiber. Then you just keep going with flipping off your flip-flops until you get to the ending point, and then you just keep flipping and flopping until you get back to the starting point. And that's how you play The Flip-Flop Game, have fun!

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